The Shanter Legacy – The Search for the Grey Mare’s Tail

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The Shanter Legacy

The Search for the Grey Mare’s Tail

Garry Stewart


As the storm ravaged the countryside there was weirdrie in the air. Fiona watched stricken with horror as the tail was ripped from the fleeing horse, leaving a terrible, bloody and gaping wound. For seven nights in a row she startled awake at the same point in this dreadful nightmare. Soon she would discover the nightmare was real and that sinister events were about to unfold. Fourteen years earlier Fiona’s father, Tam o’ Shanter, had disturbed a coven of witches gathered at Alloway Kirkyard. Upon seeing him the witches gave chase. Tam galloped his grey mare, Meg, as fast as he could but the witches caught up with them as they raced towards the keystone of the bridge. The grasping hand of a witch reached out and caught Meg by the tail unleashing a series of events that would one day threaten the future of Caledonia. In this children’s sequel to the Robert Burns classic poem, ‘Tam o’ Shanter’, Fiona and her wee brother Finn are swept into a strange mystical world to embark on a perilous quest. They must find Meg’s tail which has been taken to the dark and evil land of Dracadonia. The tail is now in the possession of Morbidea, the beautiful but deadly Druid Queen. A powerful and potent magic has been bestowed upon the tail, allowing it to be used as a key to the mystical portal known as The Yett of Abandoned Time. Legend has it that Morbidea will use the power of the tail to enter the mortal world. On this stormy Halloween night the time has come for the Queen and her undead army to  launch a savage and vengeful war on the people of Caledonia. Fiona and Finn learn of their extraordinary link to this deadly threat and must make the brave decision to try and prevent it. Accompanied by Meg and their border collie, Kirsty, the children dare to enter Morbidea’s world where they are catapulted into a tsunami of danger and magic. In a land populated by weird creatures, an army of undead warrior nuns and an eccentric troublemaking alchemist their quest unfolds. The children’s courage grows as they face their destiny. For Fiona and Finn, life, if they survive, will never be the same again.


‘Garry Stewart conjures fresh magic from an old tale – or tail. It’s a brand new adventure for the brave and curious at heart.’ Donald Smith, Director Scottish International Storytelling Festival

‘A fast paced, rollicking adventure with a host of captivating characters. Cliffhangers and plot twists will keep you gripped until the very end.’ Floss Ross, Artistic Director, Fizzgig Theatre Company

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Garry Stewart


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