Scotland, 1929. Without warning or explanation, council officials descend on a Traveller campsite and brutally remove a young girl. It is the last her family sees of her.

Decades later, Nash Lacklow is sick, angry and wants answers about what happened to his sister. With little time left, he enlists the help of his niece Emma.

Despite being warned her task is close to impossible, Emma pieces together vital clues and mounts a passionate campaign for justice as she encounters revered Gypsy elders, fiery protest groups and delusional drifters. But the search comes at a cost, uncovering painful truths and igniting conflict inside and outside the Lacklow family. 

Set in 1983, Salvage is a gripping and heartbreaking missing person mystery, exploring family dynamics, identity and the tragic history of Scotland’s Gypsy-Travellers.

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Mark Baillie


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