Fat Girl Best Friend


Fat Girl Best Friend

Sarah Grant

‘Full of charm, humour and bright observations.’ Sarah Grant’s ‘writing advocates for a world of gorgeous gallus-ness where every woman can flourish as the protagonist of her own chosen story’.

We all want to live our lives with oodles of Main Character Energy, but for some of us, we don’t look like your average
‘entertainment thin’ Leading Lady.

While we live in an age of body positivity, we are not seeing that reflected in the cinema or on our television screens. From Fat Monica to Fat Amy, plus size women in film and television are a rare commodity, and if we see ourselves represented at all, it’s not a pretty picture. We’re either the pitied bully victim or the empty , sympathetic and disposable best friend.

Through the broad lens of Female Friendship, Fat Girl Best Friend dives into the treatment of plus size women in film and television, and goes looking for that Main Character Energy we all know we deserve.


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Sarah Grant


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