Perth: Scott’s Fair City


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Sir Walter Scott’s The Fair Maid of Perth is one of The Waverley Novels, a series that made Scott famous as the world’s best-selling novelist and the pioneer of the historical novel.

Set in the late fourteenth century, against a background of feuding between Kind Robert III and Scotland’s unruly nobility. The Fair Maid of Perth follows the fortunes of a pair of lovers caught up in the longstanding conflict between two bellicose Highland Clans, Clan Kay and Clan Chattan.

Perth: Scott’s Fair City is a celebration of Sir Walter Scott’s The Fair Maid of Perth and a guide to the twenty-first century city through the looking glass of the story. It will delight those who live and work in Perthshire, visitors, and fans of Sir Walter Scott, alike.


Published: July 2018


ISBN: 9780995462342

Publisher: Tippermuir Books Limited

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Paul S. Philippou with Roben Antoniewicz and Rob Hands


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