The Tale o the Wee Mowdie that wantit tae ken wha keeched on his heid


An awfu stramash befaws the wee mowdie, yin bricht sunny morn.

It looks a bit like a link sasser, an the warst o’t is – it faws richt ontae his heid.

Oor gallus wee hero gangs oot tae speir wha’s keeched on his heid.

Outrageously funny, this cracking little book is an absolute delight. It not only gives children the chance to talk about one of their favourite topics for discussion, it is also an intriguing way of introducing the idea of a nature trail, taking them on a trip that will leave them both laughing and learning.

Published: September 2017


ISBN: 9780995462373

Publisher: Tippermuir Books Limited

Additional information

Dimensions 29.5 x 20.4 x 0.3 cm

Werner Holzwarth


Wolf Erlbruch


Matthew Mackie




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